Botox Injection

Erase lines and wrinkles from your face and neck with just a few injections and enjoy a youthful appearance. Results take effect in a few days and lasts for many months.


Be slim and trim in just a few sessions of painless, non-invasive cavitation treatment that targets specific fatty problem areas. This technology, which has gained popularity recently, allows for body sculpting to re-shape you back to your sexy figure.

Collagen Injection

Maximize the benefits your skin gets from collagen with this supplementation treatment that restores elasticity and firmness to gain a more youthful overall appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Hair Removal

Hydrogel Injection

IPL Treatments

Whether for acne management, unwanted hair removal or skin rejuvenation, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology brings about satisfying and lasting results in just a few sessions.


Dissolve fatty deposits that have accumulated around the body such as love handles and a bulging tummy with a few microinjections. A few sessions take away inches specially when supplemented by radio frequency treatments.

Radio Frequency

Firm up skin that has sagged from aging or sudden weight loss with this technological advancement that tightens skin and increases new skin cell and collagen production to restore elasticity, firmness and glow to your skin. This treatment is the best supplement to cavitation procedure.

Stem Cell

Varicose Vein Treatment

Using a sclerosing agent that is injected into spider veins and varicosities, proper blood circulation is restored to the normal route eliminating unsightly vein out-branching, relieving pain and promoting better overall health.

Wrinkle Removal

Wart Removal

Stop the spread of warts on your body by electrocautery treatment that zaps the warts down to their roots. Conquer the virus that causes the wart before it conquers your whole body.

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Dr. Vasquez distinguished reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery came about through intensive training, years of experience, and the highest personal and professional standards.

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